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Hello Gilles, and whoever may be reading this. From now till October/November, I'll be updating this space frequently (I hope) as part of my internship module journal. My wish for this is that it'll also be something fun to look back on.

To establish the context, I'll explain what I'm working on for this period.

For the module we gotta clock 200 hours doing internship(s). I'm doing two: artist assistant to Jeremy Sharma and one of the two student editors for the school's Praxis Press.

At the beginning of Year 2 I had a chat with Jeremy personally indicating my interest and he says he'll keep that in mind. Then Zarina messaged me and kindly offered the role of a student editor. I think she contacted Ivan too but he turned it down. I was dating a writer/editor at that time and I had some basic knowledge of how it's done, and I wanted to go through with that initial exposure, so I said yes.

During the meeting I learnt that Cynthia wrote in to Ruobing about wanting to be a student editor, so both of us became editors for the press. This year the lecturers are stepping down from being editors and becoming advisors, and they thought they would offer the role also as an internship, so our year 3 module will be secured. I told them I want to assist Jeremy and they said sure, you can do two. So I did!

Informally I helped Jeremy source stuff for his studio, like appliances and furniture, and then he engaged me for his Say Ocean project. I have yet to document the pictures and mini videos I took. I think I'll put it up here some time. Since Say Ocean's planning and set up ends before my Year 2 semester does, I didn't include it for internship to avoid problems (since internship is technically a Year 3 module that we fulfill over the holidays and the first semester).

So from now till October, I will be working under Jeremy as a general artist's assistant (for Say Ocean he titled me Project Manager, something I'm still very humbled by), and till November I will continue to work for Praxis Press. I will be generally covering Jeremy's side, but maybe update once in a month or two about Praxis.

For Jeremy's, here's my rough time-line we worked out (very spontaneously) at the student lounge at Winstedt today:

- May

CV, admin, artwork maintenance, India residency logistics

- June

Studio upkeep, research, assist for applications to organisations

- July

Research, website, studio cleanup

- August

Preparation for Taiwan show, planning for S+S show in Sydney 2020

- September

Preparation for Taiwan show

- October

Taiwan show

I'll hit well over 200 hours but I really don't mind. I'm excited actually, because I get to see more of how it's done and all that. Also, I've been working with him for a while and I think our dynamics make it so much easier to work together.

He mentioned that he wants to edit his film Slow Fury and he'll let me learn video-editing on the job. I'm glad because I'm such a tech idiot and can't learn things online on my own for shite.

That's all for the introduction (so lengthy!) but I hope it's at least a tad bit enjoyable to read.

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